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Intel NUC proizvodi - snaga u Vašim rukama

Mart 03, 2015

Intel, NUC

Intel NUC proizvodi - snaga u Vašim rukama

Ekstremno dostupan i beskonačno prilagodljiv, Intel® NUC dolazi u različitim konfiguracijama, kako bi Vam pomogli da dobijete šta Vam treba.


Intel NUC products

The Intel® NUC is an energy-efficient, fully functioning PC that not only fits your performance needs—it fits in the palm of your hand.
The Intel® NUC kit includes a highly customizable four-by-four-inch board that is ready to accept the memory, hard drive, and operating system you choose to install.
The four-by-four-inch Intel® NUC board comes complete with a soldered-on processor. The board can be purchased independently of the kit, giving you the flexibility to choose the chassis that best suits your needs.

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What Can You Use It For?

Compare and Contrast

Take a closer look at the various Intel® NUC models, their specifications, and unique capabilities and features. From home theater systems, to digital signs, find out how others are using the space-saving Intel® NUC in their home or business. View the various Intel® NUC configurations side-by-side to find out which model best fits your specific needs.
  Intel® HD Graphics

Enjoy a gorgeous HD visual experience with no extra graphics card required.
  Intel® vPro™ Technology

Add a layer of built-in protection to your business, including increased threat management, identity and website access point protection, and more.
  Intel® High Definition Audio

The Intel® High Definition Audio specification delivers crystal clear sound for everything from music to movies.
  Intel® Solid-State Drives

Transform your computing experience with lightning-fast Intel® Solid-State Drives that take storage and performance to the next level.
  Intel® Wireless Products

Get 3x more speed, and far less clutter with Intel® wireless products that help make surfing, downloading, and networking a breeze.
  Intel® NUC Ecosystem Catalog

Provides the technical specifications for the Intel® NUC ecosystem, including specs for tested hardware, design-ready and design-in-progress chassis, and peripherals.

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